What browser works best?

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Has anyone found that one browser works better than another when using the Web Client?


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    We have been limited to Internet Explorer . Seems that Chrome, Firefox, etc don't seem to handle Java very well so that limits our ability to use the Adept viewer.

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    We've had really good luck with Firefox. Unfortunately they dropped Java too... but we have Adept users use only version 51. Security nightmare, I know. But better than IE!

  • Andrew.HallasAndrew.Hallas Member Posts: 9

    We currently only access the web client via Internet Explorer. We have used Firefox and Chrome in the past before they dropped support for Java. We found different security related popups that confused some of your users so settled on IE.

    Andrew Hallas, Design Engineer / CAD Administrator, Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd, Clayton North, Australia
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    We use Firefox ESR 52.1.1 (I have 52.6) which as I understand is based off of Firefox Desktop 52.0. All my Web Client stuff works fine. Firefox 52.0 dropped NPAPI (is that right?) but the viewer dropped that requirement too about a year ago on AutoVue 21.0.1.
    See this blog post...https://blogs.oracle.com/enterprisevisualization/autovue-and-autovue-for-agile-2101-are-now-available

    Firefox release notes...
    ESR Notes: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/
    Desktop Notes: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/52.0/releasenotes/

    What am I missing that everyone else is seeing with respect to Java?

  • Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Administrator Posts: 44 admin
    @jtome - 2018 has been qualified for use with Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox
  • thodgsonthodgson Member Posts: 2
    @BCranston (Tim here, we met yesterday at Adept Experience 2018).

    Adept Web Client 2015 and 2017 (not the desktop version of Adept) both use the Java plug-in for browsers for document viewing.  This is also referred to by the browser makers as "NPAPI".  In layman's terms this means that Java runs on-top-of and is dependent on the browser to operate.  This created a large number of security vulnerabilities which Oracle decided stop addressing after many years.  

    FF (Firefox) is dropping support for browser based Java plug-ins after FF 52 ESR.  I found a discussion of this here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1216281 
    The Google Chrome browser version 45 completely dropped support for NPAPI in September 2015. 
    Edge never supported Java in the browser, and Internet Explorer continues to support Java in the browser.

    Adept Web Client 2018 introduced a new method for launching the viewer known as "Java Web Start".  This is a more secure way of opening the viewer window that is independent from the browser, meaning that it works with all of the web browsers supported by Synergis (refer to the system requirements for more detail).  Computers using AWC (Adept Web Client) 2018 will still need to have the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed in order to use the viewer.  In short, this means that you can once again use the viewer with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge (for the versions supported and qualified by Synergis).

    Hopefully, this will add to the incentive to upgrade to Adept 2018.

    Tim Hodgson
    Senior Web Developer
  • thodgsonthodgson Member Posts: 2

    You wrote: "My understanding is that Adept Web 2018 takes a new approach that allows us to use other browsers with Adept Viewer."

    You are correct.  Please see my other comment in this thread on this.

    You also wrote: "Here's hoping that it includes the browsers typically used in tablets as I get a lot of questions about using those in the field to view documentation."

    The Adept Web Client 2018 viewer continues to utilize Oracle's AutoVue software which runs on Java.  Unfortunately, tablets and mobile devices do not allow the running of Java based programs, meaning that while the main features of the Adept Web Client are usable with these devices, the viewing experience is different.  When viewing on a tablet or phone, our software detects this and will create a PDF rendering of any 2D document/drawing in real-time.  Unfortunately, we are not able to convert 3D drawings to the PDF format at this time. 

    With that said, we continue to look for ways to make the viewing experience better on tablets, phones, and computer web browsers.

    Tim Hodgson
    Senior Web Developer
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