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What is the correct way to generate a report that includes ONLY the active Adept users in a Group?

The reports that we have encountered include all users with no way to discern disabled users.


  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator Posts: 45 mod
    So there is a "user report" which produces a text file with the list of all users - sorted by first name order.

    My suggestion would be to open the text file in Excel (in 2018 this is how it is opened) which has the ability to sort the contents based on values in a column.

    Our reports are in part driven by customer input, so I will add a feature request to make this report clearer in terms of which users are imported by active directory and which one's aren't.

    There is an indicator after each name that the user is imported from AD (active directory) - that word ("linked") or ("unlinked") indicates that an active link is maintained between AD and Adept (or not.) 

    In addition, the column "AD Domain" is blank when a user isn't linked via AD - so if you sorted by that column, the AD users would be distinct from the others.

    As I said, I can add a feature request to add a new section to the user report - just summarizing the AD users - but for now - I suggest putting the text into Excel, and sorting?
  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator Posts: 45 mod
    Rereading your question I see I missed the part about disabled users.  Interesting!  In earlier user reports, there was a section at the end summarizing which users were disabled.  During the reworking of the report I see that got dropped.  I'm so sorry.

    I've added a feature request to improve the user report - I'll include the statement that a summary section should list all disabled users.  This is important - and something we used to have.  Sorry it got dropped.
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