Adept Viewer line thickness on screen too thick for fine details

lfollowslfollows Member Posts: 3
When my Engineers are redlining a file in the Adept Viewer they are finding that the line thickness on some of the file are too thick and it is difficult to see or mark up some finer details.  Rooming in helps but if you need to mark up a larger area you go back to the thicker lines.  When the file is printed the line size and clarity is fine.

Is there a way to improve the viewing capabilities in the Viewer so that the line thickness is the way it looks when printed all the time (whether you zoom in or zoom out)?


  • PGreenbeckPGreenbeck Member Posts: 4
    I'm not sure that I've ever experienced the problem that you are describing. I've seen lines blending together when zoomed out so that they look like one fat line instead of individual lines, but for the files I've looked at, the actual line widths appear to remain constant regardless of the zoom level. You might want to send this question in to the Adept helpdesk so that one of the technicians can take a look at a specific example of the problem. It would be easier to answer if we could actually see what your engineers are seeing.
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