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We have a few vendors that have access to a select number of libraries.  I've been asked to provided a report against their user account to see what they are doing in the system (copying files instead of viewing etc.). 

Is there way to produce a Audit trail report against an individual user?  (I open to creating an external report in Access or Crystal, but don't know the table linkage required).


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    Adept does provide a simple way to search the audit trail for activity by a specific user.

    On the ribbon bar at the top - bring up the admin tab - and towards the right locate the command "search - audit trail."  (Second button from the right.)

    Clicking on that brings up the UI to search the audit trail.  The third drop down list from the top is labeled "user."  If you click on that list - and scroll down to find the desired user - you are now able to search for all records related to that user.  You could further restrict the number of records shown by narrowing down the search to certain commands - for example just "copying files." 

    Clicking OK will execute a search - filling the screen with the search results.

    To make the report - I might suggest saving the results as a text file ("Collaborate" ribbon tab - second button from the left "save as text.")

    Provide a filename - and a text file appears.  You can copy everything and paste it into Excel - replacing the column names as you like.

    If you wish to go a different route with the report  - you could try browsing in windows explorer to your support directory, and then into the folder "tmpFiles" then your db name, then your user name.  If you sort by "date modified" you should find a file named SRC_CH.dbf.

    This is a codebase file - which you may be able to open with a foxpro compatible app - which contains the same data that was saved in the text file.

    Hope this helps.

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

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    Thanks Gene, that helps resolve my immediate needs.
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