Verify File Linkage

marksmarks Member Posts: 13
We have several document records that are IN status, and have a light gray color in the search results window.

They do actually have linked files, so how do we reset these records back to the regular black color?


  • JDiehlJDiehl Member Posts: 2
    Hello Simon,

          Have you checked the file out/in and then ran the Verify Linkage tool? This may fix the issue.

    thanks, Josh 
  • marksmarks Member Posts: 13
    This solution worked for us!
  • jtomejtome Member Posts: 18
    @JDiehl, do you have any insight into what causes these linkages to be broken?  I've had a handful of these crop up in the last few months and if possible I'd like to educate users on what NOT to do that causes these.

    I ran that special search (Failed Verification) yesterday and found 9 files (some IN others OUT from unchecked libraries).  I've looked through the Audit Trail (we have everything logged right now) and I haven't found any smoking gun that seems to cause this.
    James Tome
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