Adept 2018 - Explorer

KarynDKarynD Member Posts: 7
Has anyone found how AE users can see what the special characters are for searching?  (Search Key) Please and Thank you :)


  • EmilyUEmilyU Member, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 3
    Sure!  If you go to the top right corner to the question mark, you can bring up the HTML help files.  When open, double-click "Search" on the left side, and then "Special Searches".
  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

    I just want to add, that the (?) question mark button is not available in Adept versions prior to 2018.

    We are running Adept 2017 and we do not have the "Help" button in the Web clients.

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