API Source Code Example for upload doc version or generate a new version

Right now for my project I have the need to create a customize program that will allow me to upload the different versions of a document into adept via API or allow to version a document already in adept automatically. Are you aware if there is something at Synergies that I can reuse without reinventing the wheel?.


  • Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 23 mod

    I am not aware of any Synergis products. Dow developed an API based tool which performs those actions. Dow also had a Custom Program developed by Synergis for Bulk Migrations that works outside the API. You may want to contact Dow to see if they are willing to Share some of these tools.

  • marksmarks Member Posts: 14
    We have leveraged checking in documents using PublishWave by creating ad hoc Job_Definition.wjd files
  • Paul.Ligowski@synergis.com[email protected] Member Posts: 2
        If you have a large number of documents, each with multiple versions, you may want to consider contracting with Synergis to import the files directly into their proper locations in the vault while adding records using a direct connection to SQL.
        Otherwise, you are able to use the Adept Desktop Client's API to check-in, approve, and check-out as necessary to get each version of a document into the system. See attached file.

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