Refresh Current Window (F5) Problems

dkundingerdkundinger Member Posts: 3
Has anyone else had issues with F5 or the "Refresh Current Window" in the right mouse click menu not actually refresh the work area? Finding that we have to click to a different work area then back to the desired work area to actually get a refresh to happen.


  • BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 37 mod
    There were some issues in earlier 2017 Adept versions, What are you running?
  • dkundingerdkundinger Member Posts: 3
    We are running 2018. After talking with a Helpdesk Technician for an unrelated issue it appears this is a known problem that is being worked through. No word on timeline for resolution.
  • Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Administrator Posts: 39 admin
    Hi David - Thank you for posting on the forum :smiley:        I just checked with my technical team and this defect is expected to be fixed in 2018 Service Pack 2
  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 27
    Is there anywhere we can find the list of known issues?
  • Chris.FabriChris.Fabri Moderator Posts: 11 mod

    Hi Folks!

    The list of recent known issues gets pulled together, just before each new version is released.

    This is included in your download from the Customer Portal.

    In the Docs sub folder you'll find the AdeptUpdateNotes.pdf which includes "Known Issues and Differences" section.

    I understand this is not a complete list and doesn’t include know issues that get known after the release.

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