What link do I need with Adept 2018 in order to open a document in the Adept viewer from JD Edwards?

mtrogersmtrogers Member Posts: 6
In Adept 2015 I was able to create a link in JD Edwards (ERP system) which would open the Adept viewer for specific documents (AutoCAD drawings in this case).  The link looked like this: http://rohnadept/Adept/Page_SearchCard.aspx?s=1&amp;s_fileid=<GUID&gt;
I would provide the document file id (GUID) and the Adept viewer would open the document after the user logged in.

What link do I need to provide to do the same thing with Adept 2018 in order to open the Adept viewer from JD Edwards?  Do I use the Web API?  If so, what would the link look like?
Thank you so much for your help


  • ToddCummingsToddCummings Member, Administrator Posts: 14 admin
    Hi @mtrogers - the link is similar (but different :)) in the new web client using the new WebAPI. Here's an example of a well-formed hyperlink in Adept 2018 (the same format for 2017): http://server01/Synergis.WebApp/#/urlapi?fileId=<GUID>.

    If you already have the FileID's, it should be straightforward to map from the old format to the new. Good luck!

  • mtrogersmtrogers Member Posts: 6
    Good morning, Todd.  I've implemented the URL you sent me.  It doesn't generate any errors in JD Edwards.  However, it doesn't show Adept either.  Is there anything that needs to be defined on the Adept server in order to view Adept through JD Edwards Media Object?

    Thank you very much for your help.
    Mark Rogers
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