Migration of Inventor Files From Inventor Vault to Adept

dkundingerdkundinger Member Posts: 6
Is there a clean process for migrating files from Inventor Vault into Adept that will migrate all the part/assembly files as well as .IDW/.PDF files?


  • Joe.GasperJoe.Gasper Deactivated Accounts Posts: 12 admin
    Hello. Files stored in Vault are not directly accessible by Adept since Vault creates its own folder and filename structure that only the Vault database can manage. To get these files into Adept, they need to be exported from Vault into a structure that restores the filenames. Once the files are exported, then Adept can import them. Synergis has experience in doing migrations from Vault to Adept and should you need more information, please ask your Adept Account Manager to contact our application development team. I hope this helps.
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