Linked Records - Bulk Creation

MikeGoodwinMikeGoodwin Member Posts: 1

Hello all. I have a question from our Document Control team. We would like to bulk create placeholders from an excel file. I know this functionality exists already, but it can only create unlinked files and we need to create them as linked files.

Is there any way in Adept to bulk create linked placeholders using an excel file as a load sheet?


  • EricHomeierEricHomeier Member, Synergis Employees Posts: 6
    Good Morning Mike,
    The Adept import tool is currently just for data import. It creates the database record if there is not one already which is how you get the unlinked record but it doesn't have the ability to create an actual file from there.
    Unlinked files are actual placeholders though. They reserve that filename and show others there is a data card for the file. Once the actual file is available, there is an option to link file. This option will link the record in Adept to the actual electronic file (As long as the filenames are exactly the same between unlinked record and actual file).
    If you need an actual electronic file to be created as a placeholder, that would be either a custom program or a rather interesting feature request.
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