License Types By Active Directory Group

xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
I think it would be nice if we could apply a specific License type at the Active Directory level instead of having to edit each user individually.


  • jtomejtome Member Posts: 18
    I'll second that one. 

    Anyone else see the benefit of limiting a user just to a web license and not allow the user into desktop?  It's not a big deal for me now, but I've got some rogue folks that I can see wanting to have the full desktop client when all they ever do is view/download.
    James Tome
  • ToddCummingsToddCummings Member, Administrator Posts: 14 admin
    @xmicahx and @jtome - a clarifying question regarding your suggestion, how would assigning a license type at the AD level be significantly different form the way it is now. Are you suggesting the license type be assigned at a Group level?

    Thanks for the additional information!

  • jtomejtome Member Posts: 18
    My interpretation of @xmicahx suggestion is that Groups (in Active Directory, but maybe also Adept-only groups) would be added to a license type (either instead of individual user assignments or in addition to).  I suppose it could work a lot like permissions do now... a group gets assigned to a library (substitute license) and every member of that group would then have access to that license (or lower) so long as there are available licenses at that tier.  If a user was a member of more than one group then the group with the highest license "value" applies to that user.

    @ToddCummings, I brought an idea to Janet Kiehart last year about flex licensing, specifically about the divide between Desktop and Creator.  The topic becomes more interesting with the Task Pane now not dependent on Desktop.  I'm interested in hearing how this may shake out in the next few years as web becomes more prevalent.
    James Tome
  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 68 ✭✭
    @ToddCummings, @jtome hit the nail on the head. We set up specific Active Directory groups to import into Adept. I would like to add a license type to everyone in a particular group.
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