How do you manage to keep files together during WF approval?

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Hello All,

I am looking for tips and tricks on how to keep files together during the workflow (WF) approval process?

I will use the Engineering Change Order (ECO) for example:

Our current set up is:

  •  ECO form to which we link the documents being revised.
  •  ECO form gets checked-in into "ECO" library
  •  Documents get checked-in into "Released" Library

- We constantly have child documents left behind the ECO document (ECO gets ahead in the WF, sometimes fully approved and the children are not approved at the same time.)

- During Reject -only the selected document gets rejected and the ECO ,as a parent document, keeps going thru WF until someone notices that it is detached... Is there a way to enforce all documents to get rejected at the same time?

System Challenges:

We noticed that when approving/rejecting from the web client the Approval/rejection window does not display all documents as in the Desktop Client.

I need to remind the users that they need to find all documents(search by ECO#), select all documents and then approve/reject.

Another issue is that there isn't a "Search Relationships" command in the web client which makes the search a bit time consuming and more likely we will miss a "parent" or a "Child"...

Thank you


  • Andrew.HallasAndrew.Hallas Member Posts: 17

    Hello atoloeva,

    We use a similar process for our workflow approvals where we create manual relationships between our Engineering Change Notice (ECN) and the affected drawings that are being released via our ECN. Having these manual relationships allows us to simply select the ECN for check in, approve or reject and all referenced children also get checked in, approved or rejected.

    We only use the Desktop Client for our approvals and the functionality works well for us. I have done a simple test with some files and have tested the functionality in the Desktop Client and in the Web Client (Reviewer) and found that Reviewer does have some issues with child references being ignored. I would class this as a bug as I would expect the approval behaviour to be the same as the Desktop Client. I have attached a PDF of the testing I did that shows screen shots of differences in functionality between the Desktop Client and Reviewer. 

    Someone at Synergis Software might be able to clarify this behaviour.

    Andrew Hallas, Design Engineer / CAD Administrator, Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd, Clayton North, Australia
  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

    Thank you Andrew,

    Yes, I reported the behavior as a bug to Synergis(few months ago) and I know that they will find a fix when they get to it.

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