P2A can't see mapped drives, because...?

jtomejtome Member Posts: 18
I was hoping to use P2A as part of a file management process to get files uploaded from web checked into specific libraries.  Sparing the details of this headache, does anyone know why P2A cannot use a mapped network drive as the source folder?
James Tome


  • Joe.GasperJoe.Gasper Member, Administrator Posts: 12 admin

    We have tried to make this work but have been unsuccessful. Best we can tell is there is an issue with Windows where a service trying to access a mapped drive while using the credentials of the service fails to access the mapped drive. It is a mystery to us and something we have not been able to solve to date. What we do know is that running P2A as an application instead of a service allows P2A to access the mapped drive and check in the files found there. Otherwise, you must use the UNC path in P2A to have P2A check in the files successfully.
  • jtomejtome Member Posts: 18
    Thanks @Joe.Gasper, working with helpdesk on this issue and we may have spotted a solution.  Will report back after we've had a chance to test.
    James Tome
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