Library Administrator - do you understand how useful this role can be?

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I was talking to someone yesterday - and I realized they didn't have clarity on the usefulness of this "right" assigned to a library in the UGLA.  

I don't know how this concept is presented in our admin training classes - but I thought it might be helpful for me to say a few words on the subject here in the forum.

This feature is designed to help admins subdivide the responsibility of administering libraries.  There might be vaults at different geographical locations, or just different specialties.  The concept is that the admin can select a root library - and assign one or more individuals the "library Administrator" right - found in "set rights" in the "document managing level."

Once an individual has this right assigned to him/her - they are now able to do full library administration - adding or removing libraries, changing rights, etc - to any library "under" or including the root library.  These individuals are mini-admins.  They do not have full admin rights - they can't add/modify/remove individuals or groups - but they have full dominion over the library tree  assigned to them.  

This can be very helpful - often an admin is too busy to get involved in the minute details of each library's rights, etc - so being able to offload the administration to a "local" specialist can be very helpful.

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