Batch Open and Save Does Not Update Inventor Physical Properties

BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 44 mod

The Inventor API doesn't update the mass properties in the file?  Sometimes the file remains out of date even though you perform a "Batch Open and Save".  For now I manually check out, update, then check the file back in.  Is it possible to add the option to force a mass properties update to that process?  Or is there another solution?



  • Joe.GasperJoe.Gasper Deactivated Accounts Posts: 12 admin
    Hello Brian:
    I would like to understand better how your file is getting into this situation where the mass properties are out of date. How are you changing the properties without opening them in Inventor? I do not see how the properties can be changed, such as changing the material, other than opening the file in Inventor and making the change there. Once I get replicate the problem, I can submit for review. And, yes, the link you provided does seem to show that there is a way to get the properties to update. Let me know if you can provide details so that I can recreate the problem and I will take it from there.
    Joe Gasper
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