Adept on your cell phone?

Chris.FabriChris.Fabri Moderator Posts: 11 mod

Is there a true need to see information from Adept on your cell phone?
I could see people possibly wanting to see if something got approved or not.


  • rmongeaurmongeau Moderator Posts: 9 mod

    I use it frequently when I am in the shop and don't have a computer nearby to look at drawings.

  • BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 38 mod

    Perhaps for file viewing...especially viewing Adept "Send To" links.

  • Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 23 mod

    Perhaps not on my "Cell Phone", but the same technology to push content to portable devices can push to tables or iPads. the larger display there may actually make a better use case. We did some very preliminary testing of Adept on a wireless Surface running Windows 8. The vision was that users could possibly use a tablet like that, and conduct a walk through in a Plant to follow piping diagrams and validate the drawing.

  • Chris.FabriChris.Fabri Moderator Posts: 11 mod

    all good use cases. Thanks...I'd love to see it go a step further and be able to display a drawing in something like Microsoft Hololens as an overlay when looking at a wall or machinery.

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