CAD software upgrade: Migration of files

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Hello All,

We are getting ready to upgrade from SolidWorks 2016 to SolidWorks 2019; and from Adept 2017 to Adept 2019.
This is our first Adept Upgrade with SolidWorks upgrade at the same time.
We are "digesting" the MigratingCADDocuments.pdf instructions provided by Synergis and 

I would like to ask:

1. Have you done CAD software upgrade with Adept Integration; what was your process to migrate the existing files?

2. In general: What is your preferred method: Do you convert all of your CAD files to the newest version or you convert the files "on the go" during the normal course of opening and saving the files?

3. Any recommendations? Lessons learned from your upgrades?


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    Last year I have similar experience moving to SW 2018 and Adept 2018 almost at the same time. It was a very painful process.

    There was a mix of issues SW didn't install properly and Adept was not fully compatible. At the end all work out but for 2 weeks we could not work properly with the files in adept.

    My recommendation is to install SW 2019 first and fix all issues with SW then you can migrate Adept.

    There is not need for you to convert any files. When the file is check-out and open with the new version of SW. SW update the file, check-in the files. You don't need to do any additional just the normal process.

    I'm about to do the same moving to 2019 versions of SW and Adept. Please let me know how are you doing with it. There is always something going wrong no matter what we do. :D  
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    You will need to upgrade both SolidWorks and Adept at the same time. A few issues I see for you is that your are running an old version of SolidWorks (2016) which is no longer supported in Adept 2019 as far as the integration is concerned. If you upgrade Adept first you loose the interagration to SolidWorks 2016. If you upgrade SolidWorks first you also loose the integration until you upgrade Adept. This will be an issue if you have a lot of users that need upgrading. Also note that the new integration for SolidWorks is web services based now.

    I dont migrate our existing files other than migrating our standard part files or files that have a lot of configurations. Files are migrated when they are checked out to be revised. It does make opening files a bit slower since SolidWorks is converting files every time they are opened and the slowness is more pronounced for files with a lot of configurations.
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    Our plan is to upgrade both systems at the same time. (well, we have to :))

    Where we are now:

    - We upgraded our DEV environment with Adept 2019 and Solidworks 2019
    - We consulted with Synergis and our SolidWorks provider on the file migration: Both recommended to leave the Solidworks files at their current 2016 version and let the files be converted on the go during the normal course of use.

    We plan to kick off our CAD-User testing January 6, 2020 and I will let you know how that went for us.

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