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We are leveraging Microsoft Teams within our new product development process.  It works well for commenting and office document collaboration.  However there is a gap.  I'm looking for a way to meld O365 and Adept.  We have a new parts release process that starts in Adept and goes through a workflow up to a certain point.  Then it is checked out to a work area and copied out to a Teams channel.  It is modified by several parties and eventually completed.  Then it manually returns to the work area, is checked back in and approved onward. 

I'd like to see a way to check out a document directly to that channel (it's really sharepoint underneath) to allow people to concurrently edit that document.  Then an approval would move it along with out the manual copy in and out.  Is this something that's been accomplished by anyone?  Is that on the radar for Adept? 

Share your thoughts!

-Brian Cranston


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    Hello Brian, 

    We are heavy users of Teams/SharePoint as well. We did create a work area which was linked to the Teams folder. We accomplished to be able to collaborate with the Office documents. Then a designated user checked the document in Adept and the approval workflow was triggered.

    - From admin side, we did not like to have the documents in an environment where it is very easy to share files outside of the organization
    -Users start asking if they can participate in the approval process from Teams/SharePoint instead of logging into Adept to approve the document

    So, this was a short lived pilot run :)

    In the near Future (late 2020/early 2021):

    - We are considering using the Adept Integrator to connect SharePoint with Adept

    This will be my recommendation for you as well - contact the Synergis Team and discuss/investigate a solution via the Adept Integrator 

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