How to search multiple items/files in Adept search window?

sranadesranade Member Posts: 1
I have a requirement where I have to sign-out multiple files which at first need to be searched in Adept.
Is there any way wherein multiple files names can be entered and searched in Adept?


  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭
    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to list multiple file names.
    It will be great if we can list multiple filenames and separate them by comma.

    However, You can "Append to previous search" (+ button) in the Search card. 
    This way you can get your results in 1 search leaf (this is your goal, correct?)

     Your search tree will look like in the picture below.
    • My first search was 1040
    • Then 1040 OR 1111
    • and so on
    You might want to save your search once you get your desired result; (otherwise you will have to recreate it again :) )

  • Andrew.HallasAndrew.Hallas Member Posts: 17

    You can accomplish this using the Data Importer plugin and specifying to only do a search based on what is in a spreadsheet. You will need to setup mapping between the spreadsheet and an Adept data field. You can save the settings as a mapping file and also save a preconfigured spreadsheet to add part numbers or file names into.

    You can look at the Adept user guide for details on how to use the Data Importer plugin and I have also attached a PDF file outlining how to use it. I and several of our users here have used this method in the past for searching up multiple parts and it works well. I hope this helps.

    Andrew Hallas, Design Engineer / CAD Administrator, Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd, Clayton North, Australia
  • Nick.BogartNick.Bogart Moderator Posts: 17 mod
    @Andrew.Hallas is correct.  THe data importer is your best bet, if you already know the filenames you need, just paste them into a column on the spreadsheet and when you run Data Importer, select the option to place files in your Search Results window.

    Nick Bogart
    Synergis Adept - Application Consultant

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