Oracle SQL Db discontinued?

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Which version of Adept, 2018 or 2019, will the Oracle SQL databases (all) will be discontinued?  We were hearing verson 2018.

I received an "Adept 2019 Now Available" email with links to the Adept 2019 documentaiton.   

From the Adept 2019 System Requirements document, the Adept Native Server Software Requirements section show the Oracle 11g , 12c. are available. 

While the Planned Discontinued Support for Adept 2019 section shows that  it will be discontinued at the next Major Release.

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    We have had some recent changes in regards to our Oracle support stance. With the release of Adept 2019.1, the system requirements will state that Adept 2019.1 and later releases will support Oracle 12c and only Oracle 12c for now. We will continue to review our stance with Oracle support and in future releases, we may change our stance.
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