Adept Update and Web Services-based Products

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Adept Update and Web Services-based Products

Adept 2019 provided the ability to perform an Update Document while making Data Card changes in the Adept Web Clients and in the Adept CAD integrations. The Update Document feature in the Adept Desktop Client not only performs the updating of linked extraction fields, but also includes an extraction of the updated document for Full Text Search. It was recently discovered that this is not the case when performing an Update Document from within any web services-based products.


Not having a Full Text Search extraction executed as part of the Update Document might result in the Full Text Search database lacking some information. This could potentially impact users should they perform a Full Text Search in Adept. Until this issue is rectified and released, if you deem this issue impacts your Adept system, users should use the Adept Desktop Client when performing any Update Document, or the Adept administrator can perform a refresh of the full text indices of the entire Library from the UGLA.


When this issue is rectified and release, the Adept Update Notes will state that this issue is now resolved.

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