ECO/ECN Change Implementation

Hello All,

I am curious to know how are you tracking the Engineering Change Implementation and how are you making the call "Released for Production"?

We are looking for some ideas to help us improve our current process and accomplish coordinate release of new revision.


1.  Do you need to distinguish between Prints Approved and Prints Released for Production? If YES, how are you accomplishing this?
2.  Do you have workflow in Adept to help you track the ECO/ ECN Implementation? Or you use Adept workflow to approve documents and the implementation part is managed outside of Adept
- who is involved?
- what method are you using to release the change in production? For example do you assign Effective dates?
- How do you manage new revisions to be approved but accessible/visible (to non-engineers) when they are released for production (on the effective date, if assigned)?
3. Reporting: What type of reports do you create , do you measure Process time, do you measure if the ECO process is working as you expected?


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    We haven't implement an ECN process in Adept yet.  We are discussing it and it would parallel what we are doing with our Parts Release process.  This is a high level concept of how we may run ECN's through Adept.

    1) Doc originator takes out a new ECN document template with Auto-name. It is checked out form a ECN library.
    2) The first step is editing ECN.
    3) Upon check-in and Approval it goes to the ECN Coordinator.
    4) The ECN Coordinator makes a few changes to capture additional requirements, improve wording...etc.
    5) This next step is a grey area because our company has different processes depending on the what the ECN touches.  The current thought is to send it through a series of approvals. Adept Workflow really needs If/Then Conditional and Branching features.
    6) Once it is fully approved, it goes into an implementation step.  This is when the ECN coordinator will check out the document and put it into Microsoft Teams. In Teams, stakeholders will add info to the conversation for that ECN file.  When fully implemented, the file will come out of Teams and get checked back into Adept.
    7) Upon full implementation, a final distribution note will go out.  (We may do a distribution email when it enters the Implementation step too)

    For Us:
    • Effective dates for BOM changes are handled in our MRP system.
    • At the beginning of the ECN process the drawing changes should be pushed into IN Status.  That way people see the change if they want to use the parts somewhere else.
    • We would probably statistically track time lapse of each step and the number of ECN's per time period. But reporting in Adept is very limited.  All the data is there in SQL, you have to tease it out.
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    It would be great if you could take advantage of our new online training classes that are focused on Workflow and creating ECNs/ECOs. Brian, I hope you join us for this Thursday's webinar when we announce 20 new online training classes. Let me know if this is something you are interested in. 
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    Hey Martha,
    Thank you! I did singed up for all upcoming webinars. We are just having challenges with the current workflow capabilities in Adept and I am working with Chris Fabri on how to overcome them.

    Hello Brian,

    Currently we are using Adept as a tool to help us track the implementation of the ECO/ECN as we want to have visibility of the ECOs that need work to be done. And be able to run some sort of a report :)
    (our ECO/ECN form is combined as both contain similar information)
    We are not good in using the effective dates(ED) in our MRP system, so we are considering to stop assigning ED on the ECO.

    I am now exploring the use of Microsoft Flow as a tool to monitor and coordinate ECO Implementation. We will limit the use of Adept workflow to only approve prints. The rest of the workflows will be moved to Microsoft Flow in SharePoint.

    In a nutshell, Our current ECO workflow in Adept includes the Implement step, which is 1 step with 5 reviewer groups(30+ users).
    Our biggest challenge is to obtain parallel approval.
    The cause is that the Adept multiple approval capability is designed to work only if all reviewers are in 1 group or listed by name; and is limited only to the specific reviewers. In our case, the reviewers varies based on the change type and change impact and I cannot 
    We will be more successful of obtaining approvals, If I split the approval in 5 sequential steps, however this delays our business process.
    In addition we need to be able to Route the tasks to a specific person based on predefined criteria. 
    We had managers to assign reviewers and very fast the managers became a bottleneck 

    Our New process, (still in concept and we will be testing it prior of rolling out).

    - I am attaching the workflow and the current data card setup. We are using Saved searches to act as task Inbox

    What we decided was to
    1. Stop Notifications from Adept. Doc Control has a step to send notifications manually.
    Reason: we want notifications to go to specific person vs. group of users)
    2. Stop using the Assign function and Inbox.
    Reason: If we assign a task then another implementation team member cannot see the task(again this is due to having 5 groups on 1 step)
    3. Disabling the PublishWave command to create PDFs on Final Approval. We will now generate PDFs manually via PublishWave.
    Reason, we now need to use 3 separate workflows and we cannot quite align P2A execution.
    4. Each department will indicate when they will be done with the implementation of the change
    5. Split the ECO workflow in 3 workflows which will be representing 3 phases of the ECO (Change Approval, Implement, Execute)
    - Approve Change WF is default to the Library where we store native CAD files (this will be Approved Prints)
    - Implement WF is default to the library where we store ECO cover page
    - Execute will be default to the library where we store PDFs (this will be Prints Released IN-Production and accessible by the factory floor)
    Daisy chain of the workflows:

    The approval and implement workflow have the first 3 steps the same, as we need to route them as a package. Then the Implement workflow has 2 additional steps.
    The Execute workflow is triggered when we publish manually PDFs on the last step of the Implement workflow

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    OK. Good to know. Thanks for getting back to me! See you online.

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