How is everyone? Would love your feedback

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Hi Everyone:

First I want to ask how everyone is doing? These are certainly crazy, uncertain times. Everyone at Synergis is online and working remotely. And all systems are a go -- Heldp Desk, Services, Sales and Marketing, and Development. 

I would love to get your feedback on whether or not out online classes are relevant and interesting to you--especially at this time. 
If you could comment on this post, I'd really appreciate your valued input.

Let me know if there's ANYTHING I can help you with.
Stay safe. Be well.



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    Hi Everyone,

    Martha, Thank you for letting us know that everyone at Synergis is doing well and is there for us!

    Me and my family are doing well! We are online and working remotely. It is a little bit challenging when we need to work and home-school our 3 kids :). But teachers are doing their best to provide distance/online lessons for the students.
    I am grateful that we live in a digital/social media era as it makes it possible to keep social contact while complying with social distancing :)

    Since most of our users are working remotely, we are spending more time to clean up our "dirty files and metadata".
    We are still planing on upgrading Adept to 2019 version, just waiting for SP1 to be released (soon?)

    Personally, I think that the online classes are relevant and gives us an opportunity to sharpen our skills (Users and Admin).
    I have not looked in detail all classes as I am waiting to upgrade first, but one of the classes I am interested in is the "Adept Administrator Tips, Tricks & Performance Optimization"


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    Hi Anna:
    As always, it is wonderful to hear from you. And I am glad to hear you are OK and safe with your family. My heart goes out to all parents who are doing home school on top of their full time job. It's a lot to juggle.

    I believe the dot release should be out this week. . . I will definitely announce it on the forum as soon as I know.
    And thanks for the input on the classes. We launched the program one week before the stay at home order. . .so it kind of put a damper on all the momentum. Seems like many companies are in a wait/see mode. 

    It's such a crazy time that none of ever imagined. Let's stick it out together and get to the other side. 

    Feel free to reach out to me anytime.
    All the best,

    #stayathome (for sure)

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