Adept Mastery: How to Optimize System Performance

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Adept Mastery: How to Optimize System Performance

Register for tomorrow's webinar (May 7, 2020) hosted by our Super Admin, Judie Cummings! 
Learn all the back-end tips for gaining the best value and performance from Adept. 
Topics include:
5 ways to improve database performance by controlling the:
--growth of your database
--volume of transaction logs
--amount of your legacy databases
--size of your audit trail
--database repair
5 ways to improve day-to-day user performance by fine-tuning your:
--Data cards
--Metadata Extraction
--Missing Work Areas
--Missing Vaults
5 ways to speed up your system even further by monitoring Adept’s:
--Indexed fields
--Adaptive wait states
--Missing relationship on check-in
--Local data caches
--Work areas on Login
Save your spot. Take advantage of this in-depth learning experience to super charge Adept’s performance and your Admin skills.
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