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DeniaG10DeniaG10 Member Posts: 7
Can someone explain the History Database in a little more detail. I have read through the Admin Manual and am not seeing anything that is helping me to determine whether its something that we would safely be able to reduce. We have it set quite high when creating our libraries and now we are trying to figure out if this was unnecessary and we could back it down to a lower number. What exactly does it provide vs the Audit trail database and the Version database.


  • MLubowMLubow Administrator Posts: 21 admin
    Hi Denia, Sorry for the late response, but here it is.

    The history database contains the metadata for Data Cards. For example, if you were set to save 5 major versions of documents and a history depth of 10, and then you created 10 major versions of a document, although the Library in the Vault only contains 6 files (5 versions and the In version), the history database has all 10 Data Cards for review. If you are saving all major versions of a document, then saving any history is unnecessary. In fact, we have had internal discussions around possibly removing the history database altogether since most customers save all major versions of documents anyway.
  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
    Am I the only one who would like to see more versions of the Data Card? Even if we don't save a copy of the whole DC, it would be nice for the Audit Trail to indicate what was changed. It already shows when a user edited the card, just not what they changed.  
  • MLubowMLubow Administrator Posts: 21 admin
    Hi Micah:

    The Audit Trail does not have the granularity needed to capture the specific edits made to Data Cards. Capturing the specific Data Card editing details will require a deeper level of tracking that is not currently available in Adept and is not planned. Please submit a Feature Request via Adept helpdesk so that this request can be properly submitted.

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