Important Adept 2018 Pre-Release Bulletin

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Adept 2018 Pre-Release Technical Bulletin

As we get closer to the release of Adept 2018 near the end of Q1, 2018, we want to give you a heads up about some important technical considerations.

Starting with Adept 2017, we released a new business logic component we call the Adept Web Server. In addition to powering the all-new Adept Web Clients, the Adept Web Server provides important new server-side API’s that we use to improve performance, scalability and user experience across the entire Adept product suite. For example, in Adept 2017, we used this component to enhance Related Fields in the Adept Desktop, which in turn, required that you install the Adept Web Server.

With the release of Adept 2018, we’re adding more features that require the Adept Web Server in addition to the existing components you've always deployed. This means that you’ll need to install the new Adept Web Server with Adept 2018 whether or not you are using a web client license of Adept Explorer, Adept Reviewer or the new Adept Creator.

As we continue to release new versions of Adept, we plan to leverage these server-side API’s to enhance all new features in the Adept Suite.

Here’s an overview of the new features in the Adept 2018 Suite that rely on the Adept Web Server:

Adept Desktop Client
• Related Fields feature
• Full Text Search indexing
• Licensing/License counting

Adept Web Client(s)
• All features and functions

Adept PublishWave
• Document downloads from the Vault for all Adept Desktop Client requests
• Document Check In by PublishToAdept

Adept Task Pane
• SOLIDWORKS 2018 integration – all features and functions

NOTE: All other Adept Task Pane integrations (AutoCAD, Inventor, etc.) will continue to require a login to the Adept Desktop Client session.

All these features rely on the Adept Web Server and will not work without it being installed. The Adept Web Server is available along with all the other Adept Product Suite components from the Synergis Software Customer Portal. Expect an email from us soon with an updated Adept 2018 System Requirements document, so you can plan your hardware resources ahead of time.

To your success,

The Synergis Software Product Management Team


  • bwalshbwalsh Moderator Posts: 8 mod

    I'm not currently using the Adept Webserver / Adept Explorer, but while reading recently, I saw a notification about the AWS requirement for Adept 2018.

    In preparation for Adept 2018, I set up a VM as for Adept WebServer and installed it, but since I have no explorer licenses I can't log in.

    Would it be possible to enable a login for the ADM user at least?


  • Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Administrator Posts: 44 admin

    Hi Brian!

    Thank you for your comment. Just to be clear the Adept Web Server is separate from the Adept Web Client so you do not need to have any Web Client Licenses to be able to install, configure, and access the Adept Web Server for the purposes needed to successfully implement Adept 2018. If you are interested in logging into the Adept Web Client and evaluating its capabilities, I would be happy to forward your request to your Account Manager.

    Have a wonderful day!

  • bwalshbwalsh Moderator Posts: 8 mod

    Thanks Patti - I had just sent a mail regarding this to Lynn.


  • BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 38 mod

    Please provide some guidance on the upcoming system requirements for the increased load on Web Server. Perhaps a table that shows old and new requirements? I can take that to IT for evaluation of any additional resources required to deploy Adept 2018 (CPU, RAM, disk space, etc...all tightly allocated in a virtual server environment)


  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 19 mod

    Hi Brian
    Currently we do not have the full 2018 system requirements together yet. Once we do we can help with identifying the changes in the requirements from 2017.
    One thing to understand with the new Web API - if you are using Related Fields, the new SWX integration or already have web client licenses - the Web Client will need to be moved to it's own server. I know many clients have both the Adept Server and Web server on the same servers.

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