Are custom report templates lost when you upgrade versions?

BW2021BW2021 Member Posts: 1
We recently made the jump from v2105 to v2019. When we run a report our custom templates are not showing as options. Are these retrievable or do we need to recreate the templates?


  • MLubowMLubow Administrator Posts: 38 admin
    Hi! Did you contact Adept support for help on this?
  • cathymoellercathymoeller Member, Administrator, Moderator, Adept Admin Posts: 13 admin
    When you create custom templates, they are stored in the Adept database and typically carry over to the updated release.  Did you backup your database prior to the upgrade from Adept 2015 to 2019?  Did you do the upgrade yourself or did you have someone at Synergis do the upgrade for you?  If someone at Synergis recently assisted with your upgrade, you could try reaching out to that person or you can contact Adept support.
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