👉🏼 A Comprehensive Response on Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities 👈🏼

If your organization has not addressed the Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities in Adept or if you are not sure if this has been addressed, please read the following post with our comprehensive response on Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities .

Log4J Security Vulnerability

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A Comprehensive Response on Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities from Product Management (see post below).


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    A Comprehensive Response on Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities

    Effective February 3, 2022, an updated Adept release has replaced the previous 11.0.4 release.  This release addresses all known Apache Log4J vulnerabilities and does not require the use of the Mitigation Utility.  We strongly encourage any customer looking to upgrade current systems or deploy new systems to download and install this all-inclusive installation package listed as Adept Update 11.0.4 on the Synergis Customer Portal.

    If you are currently running Adept installations and have not yet mitigated the Apache Log4J vulnerabilities, we encourage you to read our technical bulletin available in this publicly accessible link, Log4J Technical Bulletin. We further strongly suggest that you download and install the Mitigation Utility package posted on January 6, 2022, named Critical Security Update Log4j Remediation Tool_Update1.zip. The ZIP file contains instructions on how to run the Mitigation Utility and includes version-specific DLLs for particular Adept releases between Adept 2015 SP3 and Adept Fall 2021 (11.0.4).

    Finally, if you downloaded the Adept Fall ’21 release posted on October 18, 2021, and have not yet upgraded, we recommend you download the updated release and deploy it instead. The October 18, 2021 release does require that the Mitigation Utility be run on all workstations and servers, whereas the February 3, 2022 update does not.

    Should you have further questions about the mitigation methods, running the Mitigation Utility, or potential red flags from vulnerability scanning software, please reach out to our Helpdesk.

    If you would like assistance performing an upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact your Adept account manager.

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    James Tome
    Synergis Adept Product Owner
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