Tips for the desktop client - try making custom ribbon tabs, and custom ribbon "sets"

Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod

I'll put a plug in to the benefits of making your own custom ribbon tabs - with those commands that you use all put side by side.

I'll also put a plug into the benefits of making a custom ribbon "set" which will hide tabs you don't need - possibly hiding all tabs except for the custom tab you made. With this approach a user can simplify the interface so there are no distractions.

I had to do a repetitive series of actions - populating a db with a series of records. I decided to create a custom ribbon tab that had all the commands I needed, and then I even hid all the others using a custom ribbon set.

It was an amazingly efficient way to work.

To access the custom ribbon tab editor or the custom ribbon set editor - right click on the blank part of the ribbon at the top right, or pull down the short menu on that oval button at the top left.

As an admin, you can also create a custom ribbon tab and ribbon set - and "push" those out to your users - so their UI is simplified and contains only those commands they most frequently use.

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  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 19 mod

    I really like the custom ribbon sets - I have one that I use all the time and it has really helped the efficiency of the work that I do in Adept by having pretty much everything on one tab.

    I've also created custom ribbon sets for other teams that use Adept at Synergis. Having the custom ribbon sets has helped with creating streamlined training and documentation for each team.

  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod
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    Have you tried the feature where you can "push" a ribbon set to various users? There's a button near the bottom of the UI of the Ribbon Set Manager. When you press that (as an admin) you can select users that will have the selected ribbon set set as their active ribbon set. You don't even have to share the ribbon set.

    When the user logs in, the set is active. The user can change the active ribbon set to another, or to just system tabs - and if they do that the next login will be without the ribbon set you "pushed." But it's a nice way to set up users with a simplified UI.

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • Nick.BogartNick.Bogart Moderator Posts: 17 mod

    Hey Gene! I love your idea! I'll do you one better. How awesome would it be if you could control keyboard shortcuts for the commands you put in your ribbon sets (ie. Ctrl 1, 2, 3, 4)?!? That way, you only have to train certain users to follow specific key commands to accomplish their job.

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  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod
    Somewhere I made a list of existing hot keys - they are in the product.  I owe you a complete list.  (They used to be shown on the main menus) - here are a few off the top of my head
    • control-1 -> show Work Area window
    • control-2 -> show File Guide window
    • control-3 -> show search results window
    • control-4 -> bring up data card for selected document
    • control-5 -> bring up viewer for selected document
    • control-6 -> bring up/down document dashboard
    • control-a -> select all documents in the window
    • control-b -> batch update
    • control-c -> copy selected document
    • control-f -> display favorite window
    • control g -> bring up manual relationship dialog (group)
    • control-h -> display recently used file (F6 also displays this)
    • control-n > new document
    • control-o -> check out selected document
    • control-r -> rename selected documents
    • control-s -> search
    • control-t -> transmittal search
    • control-w -> closed current window
    • F2 -> assign document to user
    • F3 -> approve document (WF)
    • F4 - Unassign
    • F5 - update window
    I'm sure there are others too

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

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