Query PublishWave Logs in Excel

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You can setup an ODBC connection to your PW logs in Excel. Here are the basics steps. (I am citing Excel 2010 below...)

  1. Download and install the appropriate SQLite Driver here. http://www.ch-werner.de/sqliteodbc/
  2. In a new sheet in Excel -> Data tab -> "From Other Sources" flyout -> "From Data Connection Wizard"...select "ODBC DSN" <Next>
  3. SQLite3 Datasource <Next>
  4. Browse to the log file \\<server name>\ProgramData\Synergis\PublishWave\logs.db <OK>
  5. Select the table you want to place. Repeat on a new sheet for each table as desired.

-Brian Cranston



  • marksmarks Member Posts: 13

    How do we trim or reset the logs.db file?

    Deleting this file will cause the PublishWave Server to have blank columns in the Job Details window

  • BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 44 mod

    I use them to diagnose any issues.  Having the logs has been helpful in finding out if it is a certain user or isolated to one file or type of file.  Note that you'll have to configure the logs to save.  I keep mine forever.  Getting them into Excel makes them far easier to work with.

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