Publishwave Error: The system was locked by Server

Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Member, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 48 admin

One common call we get on helpdesk is when a user goes to start the Publishwave Server and gets a message that the system was locked.

To fix this issue, you will want to go to your Start Menu and then to Synergis and then to Publishwave. Choose the Option to "Unlock Publishwave Server"

I hope you find this helpful :smile:



  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 19 mod

    I keep this link on the desktop of our Publishwave workstation, as sometimes the workstation is rebooted without shutting down the PW server first :) Great tip!

  • BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 44 mod

    Windows updates that automatically reboot will cause this every time (...sigh)

  • marksmarks Member Posts: 13

    One solution is to use the Windows Task Scheduler to execute a batch file on user logon

    start "" "C:\Program Files\Synergis\PublishWave\PublishWaveAdmin.exe" /unlock

    This should automatically unlock the PW server

    Also, the P2A service should be set to Automatic (Delayed Start), or else it will not check in files!

    Hope someone will learn from our experiences

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