Saved Complex Searches Save the Day

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Recently I was contacted by a power user with a problem.  He has a project group which needs to see which documents are currently checked out to members of the project team, so that they can understand current work load and balance resources.

We solved the problem by searching for documents which were currently out, checked out by members of the team.  We searched on the member's name, and sequentially used the Append results to previous Search results.  We built a Complex Search to include all members.  When the search was complete we saved the search.

But wait, There's More!

The user was happy with the result, but wanted to know in the future, if a member leaves the group, how could they edit that result to remove that member?  Well, I couldn't find a method to exactly edit the search, but we did see that we could execute the search, then perform a search with a "^" Carat in front of the user to be removed, (meaning does not contain) and execute that search WITHIN the previous search results.  This could then be saved and shared.

Obviously at some point, it may be necessary to create a new search as the complex search get's more unwieldy.

Creating complex searches, saving them, and sharing can be a time saver, and at least in this case, met the user's needs and improved productivity! 


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    I can see where this could be really helpful. I'm going to try it out. Thanks! 
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    I've pitched an idea I call "relative dates."  Rather than search using a hard date - one could search "in the last week (or other interval.)" This way, saving the search would allow you to see files that fulfill the criteria - "in the last week."  This search could then be used month after month without the need to refactor.  What do you think?

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