Why Can't a User Login?

BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 44 mod
I'll start this thread to document all the reasons why...

Issue:  User says they get an error that their username or password is not correct.

Solution: If your Adept system leverages Active Directory for authentication perhaps the user account is locked?




  • DScavettaDScavetta Moderator Posts: 7 mod
    edited April 2018

    Hello Brian

    Another reason this could occur is if the password is expires while they are already logged on and sometimes they will not realize unless they reboot their PC and required to reset their credentials ,  Great Topic

  • Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 23 mod
    Brian, I recently had exactly the same thing happened.  In my case, the user had still had the Adept 2013 Desktop Client where we had upgraded almost a year ago to 2017.  We had preceded the upgrade with a communication blitz of several emails, "It' Coming", and followed  the upgrade with additional emails and training.  Some how, someone did not get the memo...
  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 17 mod
    Well my obvious answer to this is that their CAPS lock is on (mainly because it has happened to me) ... Adept doesn't give you that notification when logging in - since the user name is saved sometimes it's not clear that it's on.
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