Adept integrator Functionality: one way communication of two way?

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I have recently been introduced to the Adept Integrator, which opens up a whole new avenue for people that use existing DMS systems, and other programs that require a DMS/EDMS to help keep their documents in order, automate workflows, etc.

However, as a more technically/process minded person myself, the functionality of the Integrator is still fuzzy.

From what I've seen, the integrator creates a link between the two programs, effectively mapping one to the other. Does this mean if for example I was using Adept to store and organise my files, but my users were still using SharePoint at the front end, that they would not only be able to store, but search and check out files as well? Would the Integrator affect the use of SharePoint from a front-end perspective?


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    Hi Ben
    The data between Adept and other systems will share metadata and not functionality.  If you are looking to have users in Sharepoint and click on a link to get the file from Adept this can be accomplished using the Adept Links to your Adept Web Client.  We have another client who does this with their Sharepoint site. If you want a more in depth Q&A about the functionality that Integrator can provide to you to map up Adept and Sharepoint (or other systems) just let us know.  I'm sure your account manager would be happy to speak with you about this.
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    At this stage, more information is always good! If we could organise that, that would be great :)
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    Hi Ben - We will let your account manager know about your inquiry.I am sure he will be in touch.
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    It all depends on how you’d like it to work.  It depends on the workflow you desire for your users.  The way the two systems work together can be tailored to your needs.  There may be ways that are more or less expensive to configure, however the first step is to understand the desired process and goal, and from there we can discuss how Integrator can help with that...and as Patti mentioned, we'll be in touch.
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    I've personally worked with Adept and Adept Integrator in an environment that does exactly what you describe.  Because SharePoint is web-based, all Integrator needs is a tiny bit of API to link the two systems.  Depending on the desired level of integration, those action points can be configured using internal tools of Adept Integrator.  It's a powerful combination.

    Nick Bogart
    Synergis Adept - Application Consultant

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