Save the Date! Adept Experience 2018 [October 1-4]

MLubowMLubow Administrator Posts: 7 admin

Save the Date! Adept Experience 2018 

We’re excited to announce Adept Experience 2018 Conference and Training
will be held at the historic Hotel Bethlehem on October 1-4, 2018.

Registration will open soon, but for now…

1.     Save October 1-2 for pre-conference training and October 2-4 for the Conference Sessions and Networking events 

2.     Budget the conference fee of $595 when you register before July 13, 2018.
Pre-conference training may cost up to $1100.

3.     Watch highlights from last year’s Adept Experience here

This year there will be more customer stories, more technical sessions, and even more time to network and brainstorm with Adept community members from around the globe. 

Look for an email next week with all the details on Registration and Training.


  • DeniaG10DeniaG10 Member Posts: 6
    Really enjoyed attending last years Adept Experience!
  • Nick.BogartNick.Bogart Moderator Posts: 14 mod
    I'm really looking forward to this year's Adept Experience!  

    Nick Bogart
    Synergis Adept - Application Consultant

  • ElaineWElaineW Member Posts: 12
    I can't wait to meet everyone at this year's Adept Experience!
  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 32 ✭✭
    Looking forward for my very first Adept Experience! I also registered for pre-conference class :)
  • DeniaG10DeniaG10 Member Posts: 6
    3 Short weeks away! Look forward to seeing everyone at the Conference!
  • DaveN39DaveN39 Member Posts: 2
    Really looking forward to this.  Has the agenda been set yet for who all is going to be speakers/panelists this year? I haven't seen any updates on the Experience site lately.
  • Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Administrator Posts: 44 admin
    Hi Dave - Look for updates later today.
    See you next week!
  • Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Administrator Posts: 44 admin
    Thank you everyone for coming out to another Great Adept Experience! It was wonderful to see everyone! I look forward to seeing you next year in Boulder!
  • ElaineWElaineW Member Posts: 12
    I had a fabulous time meeting everyone! I also look forward to seeing everyone again next year! In the meantime, I will speak with you on helpdesk. Have a great day!
  • DaveN39DaveN39 Member Posts: 2
    Had a great time at the conference & meeting everyone.  Was just wondering when the video's of the Conference sessions where going to be available?  Was looking at educating a few colleagues.
  • Patricia HeubachPatricia Heubach Administrator Posts: 44 admin
    We are in the process of reviewing the videos.
    They will be posted within two weeks.
    Thank you,
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