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Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 24 mod
Currently when you select a document which has multiple versions you can see the previous versions from the Versions Tab of the Document Dashboard.  However, if you wanted to print one of the previous versions, you must search for the document via the versions database search card, then locate the version in the Search Results, and then print.   


  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 19 mod
    Hi Chris 
    Have you tried the Search For Versions of selected files option on the Search Tab?  I know it's still an extra step and may help out for right now :)  
  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod
    If you right click in the dashboard (desktop) the context menu has two related menu picks.
    -- there's a pick -> "Print List" - which will send the list of files in the dashboard to the printer (the heading will say which tab is selected)
    -- there's another pick -> "Save as text document"  This will create a text document with the contents of the dashboard saved as a text file.

    These two commands should cover this request

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