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Currently, If  I have a document which is Out, and decide to "Undo" the checkout, I can "Undo checkout" and restore the document as if it were never checked out.

If I were to check the document in, but then discover there was an error where the document should never have been checked in, and I want to revert to a previous version and make the one just checked in go away, how would I "Roll back" the document?  I don't currently see a way to accomplish this.  I could copy out the actual correct version and then assume checkout and check in, but that then gives 2 copies of the good document sandwiching a bad file.

Could we have a feature which may allow us to delete the latest version and promote the previous version (or perhaps a selected earlier version) to the current In document?


  • whyzmuzjwhyzmuzj Moderator Posts: 19 mod
    This is a great request.  If the library you are checking files into is an unchecked library then you are correct you can only copy out the previous version and assume check out.  In a checked library you can choose the Copy to Current option on the Workflow tab - still would have the bad version sandwiched between two good versions.

    We can log this request, I can see many times that this would be of great benefit.  Was there a situation that came up recently that made you think of this?  This is more for the Feature Request we will be putting in :) 
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    I think the "copy to current" feature does what you want (as Judy said...)

    it's been there for a number of years.  We call the feature "rollback" internally, but on the ribbon we call it "copy to current."  - It's on the workflow tab - on the version panel.  

    The reason I don't mind leaving the "bad version" in place is so if you made a mistake, you can "undo" it by restoring the previous version.

    The feature takes the selected version of the document, bumps the version number - and makes the previous version the newest version. (as implied.)

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  • Nick.BogartNick.Bogart Moderator Posts: 17 mod
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    In my opinion, the feature would be so much better if it would also give the user the file in an OUT status as well.  Also, I think only Workflow Managers can execute this command so that can complicate workflow designs.  

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