Add signatures when documents are through workflow

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Hello All,

Can you auto-insert approval dates / signatures into documents? Is there a way to do this built into Adept?

We have Quality documents set up in Adept that go thru workflow approval process, most of the workflows have 3 approvers. We would like to auto-insert the approvers and map them to the fields inside the document.



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    Hello Anna

    This is a great idea and we have submitted your idea as a feature request and hope  to have this implemented in a future release   In the mean time Please reach out to your account manager and see if we can do some custom programming for you.


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    Any progress on this? It would be useful for us also, so that signatories wouldn't have to check out and open PDFs, sign them, save and close, check back in, and approve... When they start getting a dozen or more a week, it will be a bit much for them since they're usually the most senior and thus busiest people.
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    We also would like to be able to do this.  Sending documents external from Adept does not allow us to retain the approval information inherent to the workflows.  Having a signature and date would help with that.
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    Synergis, at Adept Experience 2019, demonstration a feature PlugIn called "Signature Approval" which provides functionality to capture the approvals of users on the Adept Data Card as well as the ability to Update Document, thereby writing the approvals to the document. If you are interested, you should contact your Adept Account Manager for details and a demonstration.
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    Is the 'Signature Approval' plugin available?  I am trying to transfer the system 'Approved by' and 'Approved date' fields to the drawing application title box.
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    Hi @edkennedy
    I will check out your question and get back to you. 
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    Hi @edkennedy

    Here are some instructions I got for the Signature Approval Plugin. If these do not work for some reason, please follow up with a Helpdesk ticket at [email protected] 


    The user must log in as Admin

    Go to the System tab

    Select the Administer PlugIns button in the toolbar. 

    A list of all PlugIns appears.  To the right of each plugin they will see 3 columns:  Loaded, Load On, Required (values can be “T” (true) and “F” (false).


    The Signature plugin likely needs to be configured by an Admin

    Do that by selecting Configure PlugIns from the System tab


    The PlugIns are explained in detail in the Adept Administration Guide.

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    Thank you.  I do not see this in my Administrator Plug-In list.  So I assume this is a separate plug-in that must be installed separately.
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    I think you are correct.  For more details, please submit a Helpdesk ticket.
    All the best, 
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    Hello Ed
    The Signature Approval PlugIn is now available and must be installed and configured separately.  The plugin does not write the system fields to the document as it has it's own fields which are required to be added as custom fields to Adept, and updates to the document.
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