New Report: Being able to Configure License Usage View

atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

This will be for Admins to use:

I would like to see a report that shows me daily usage of " License type" over the " select time period".

For example I want to run a report that shows me "Daily usage of Adept Reviewer for the past 10 days" (something similar to the "Deleted Documents Report" where we can select number of days.

in Addition I would like to be able to set a threshold of 80% and be notified via email when this threshold is met. (for the notification I want to be able to select which days to be included in the calculations(similar to the workflow alerts).

Will be awesome if we can get the report in Excel and have prebuild charts to help with visualizing the data.

This will help us tremendously when we are evaluating the licenses that we have and when it is time to buy more. It will also trigger a discussion of why users prefer the Desktop version vs. Web Client. (Maybe its time to upgrade to Adept18 and we need to buy Adept Creator :)).

Currently I am using the Admin Daily Brief (one of my favorite Adept reports), and the Count Logins.

What do you think?


  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod
    Nice idea.  The login report is helpful - but it's on you to run it every day.

    I'll submit this as a feature request.  thanks! 
    p.s. it was nice to meet you at AE!

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

    If it is not too much to ask: I want to add one more wish to this list:)

    - Is it possible to show in the report which sessions are Idle and which are Busy? Currently in the Login Report and Daily Admin Brief report we can see the date the user first logged in but we cannot tell if the session is Idle.

    This will help us with monitoring the actual utilization of the licenses.

  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 66 mod
    Hi - currently we don't have that infrastructure - so sorry not yet.  I will add that to the feature request.
    -- all the best

    Synergis Senior Software Developer - primary developer for the Adept Desktop Client

  • Alan.HendersonAlan.Henderson Member Posts: 2
    completely agree that this is a much needed tool.  I have been asking for this particular tool for about 5 years now.  Actually, I gave up asking for the last couple of years when there was no movement on it
  • Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 24 mod

    We have a local solution where we set up a stored procedure in a reporting database.  We set up a job to run every 10 minutes and the procedure creates entries for the number of license currently in use.  From there we create a simple chart like this:

  • atoloevaatoloeva Member Posts: 51 ✭✭

    Thank you this is a great example and something I was having in mind.

    I am working with our BI team to create me a "bundle" of reports :)

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