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In the Administer Workflow dialog, the filter at the top gives immediate search results, however, the Select Library dialog uses quick search instead of filter, which requires you to hit enter to submit your search request. It would be nice to use the filter and get immediate results here also, as well as adding consistency between dialog windows..


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    Hi - I agree with you - that would be nice.  In fact, that's the way it used to work.  

    At the risk of sounding defensive = a few years ago (?2015) we made it a design goal to have the desktop perform as well with 100k libraries as it did with 100.  The main thing that changed was that when the desktop logs in, it doesn't download any library information - since that was a significant slowdown during login.  We used to download all the information about all the libraries.

    I call that filter technique "type-o-matic" where the display immediately changes with each character typed. With 100k libraries it took a significant time to call the server and get the search results.  Prior to 2015 there was a local cache of all the libraries so I could avoid a server call and be able to instantly repopulate the list of libraries.

    So sadly, the UGLA now waits for a <return> key before populating the results grid - because it became very jerky to call the server for a search after every character was entered.  

    Several folks have noticed that change.  Sorry about that.

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  • xmicahxxmicahx Member Posts: 71 ✭✭
    Understood! Thanks for the feedback, @Gene.Sewell
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