Why can't PublishWave Run on a Server OS?

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Why can't PW install on a server OS?  I would like to get it off a desktop computer and integrate it within my highly managed server architecture.  It is a pain maintaining it as a separate piece of hardware. PublishWave is an important part of our Adept infrastructure but is a weak link in the chain because of OS requirements.



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    Our original design of PW did support both workstation and server OS's. Then, Autodesk started prohibiting the installation of some of the CAD applications on server OS's. Since PW uses these CAD applications to produce the output, we could no longer support PW on an OS where the CAD application was not supported. Therefore, PW is only supported on OS's where the PW CAD applications are supported.
    Joe Gasper
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    Hi Joe,

    Upon review of the EULA for Product Design Suite Ultimate I am unable to find exclusion to VMWare based Server OS's. (Granted, I'm not a legal scholar).  That OS is not supported but that is not the same as an exclusion.  Autodesk specifically defines a computer as real or virtual in Exhibit A of the EULA.  And then the various license types use the word "computer" in their definitions in Exhibit B.  I attached the EULA for review. 

    I find that running PW on a desktop OS is less than ideal.  The desktop OS's are subject to updates and other service interruptions not present in a server OS environment.  I need to get my PublishWave server into the hardened server infrastructure to take advantage of backup and fail-over technologies.  PW on Windows desktop is the only weak link in my Adept topology.  Please reconsider the current strategy.
    1) Allow PW to install on server os's.
    2) Run PW (and P2A, etc.) as a service to avoid having to stay logged into a user account.

    -Brian Cranston
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    James, thanks for your comment. I'll look into an Azure hosted solution as well.  Were there any specific traps to avoid with your implementation?


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