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Hello All,

We are experiencing some inefficiency with managing Redline Documents Process due to Adept limiting Clear Redlines to users who have Library Admin permissions.

1) Can you create a check-box "Clear Redlines" in the UGLA-->Set Rights-->Document Managing Level, which will enable the Clear Redlines function?

2) Does anyone have a suggestion on what is the best method to manage Redlined Documents?

Thank you


  • ElaineWElaineW Member, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 12
    the option to "Clear Redlines" is already available in Adept 2018 in the UGLA under the Workflow Managing Level. You can check the 'Clear Redlines" box without checking the full Workflow Managing Level box.  
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    Thank you Elaine for your help on this case.

    I verified that in Adept 2017 users with permissions to " Edit Data Card in Library" are enabled to "Clear" redlines.

    The good thing is that those users cannot remove redlines if a document is with status IN, to remove Redlines those users will need to checkout a document. Then the Clear redlines function is enabled.

    Only users with Library Administrator rights can clear redlines from documents IN the library.

  • ElaineWElaineW Member, Deactivated Accounts Posts: 12
    Thank you Anna for verifying the functionality in Adept 2017 for clearing redlines!
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    I want to add that there is a 2nd requirement for Adept 2017 users to be able to clear redlines:

    The users need permissions to"

    1. " Edit Data Card in Library" , and

    2. "Workflow Manager"

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