Same data fields on different data cards

Can someone please clarify this for me?
I am creating a new data card but would like to use the same data fields; the field name may be the same but the data will be different, will this confuse Adept?  For example, I want to use the existing field name (C_SUB_N0) - Submittal that comes from a vendor, but I also want to use this field for Submittal that comes from internal employees.


  • jtomejtome Member Posts: 25
    Adept allows you to place fields on multiple data cards and/or tabs within a card.  You can even strip off the default label and apply your own text if you think the label on a particular card/tab needs to be more specific for a particular use case. 

    Be careful with replacing the labels as users who want to use quick search, columns, or other field-based functionality will see only the original label (description) that you gave the field when it was created in Designer.

    Adept won't get confused in the scenario you described, but be sure that your users are ok using the same field for slightly different purposes.  It could affect how they use FileGuides, Searches, etc.
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