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Within the share manager, the process of adding people to the share list is straight forward, but slow when there are several people to share something with. In my case I have 4 different saved searches I need to share with approx. 10 people. It would be nice if I could set this group up on one saved search, then copy and paste the settings to another, similar to copying and pasting library permissions.


  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Staff Moderator Posts: 66 Moderator
    Hi - my suggestion - given the current functionality - would be to make one or more "personal groups."  These are named groups - for example, with the 10 people you would like to share the searches with.  Rather than add 10 people, just add the personal group.  You can then set the share rights once - just for the group - and it will "just work."

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