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A new user reported this to me recently.  While the new right-click option of Check Out and Open works fine on one file at a time, the user was disappointed that even when selecting all one file type (say DWG) that the option was greyed out when multiple files were selected.  I've replicated the same behavior myself.

Maybe someone on the development team (#Gene.Sewell) can answer if this intended to prevent users from accidentally selecting and acting on hundreds of files or if there were too many challenges to make it possible to both check out and open multiple files at once.

Given the write-up in the help section, I'm guessing this was problematic to implement.

This command is a combination of using the Check Out and Open commands. This command initiates the Check Out dialog for the selected document and when the Check Out is complete, initiates the Open command. This command is only available when a single document is selected and the user has the right to Check Out the selected document.

Note: This command may not perform as expected if the selected document is a CAD document with references, references are not already populated to the Virtual Library, and/or the target application is not already started. It is recommended that before executing this command to have the target application already started,and have all references that are not checked out already populated into the Virtual Library. In some cases, even when following the recommendations, the Open might not successfully open the document. In those cases, you should not use this command but use separate Check Out and Open commands. 

In the big picture, it's not a big deal to ask the user to do two commands on the list of files (check out and then open) as its still a big time saver.

BTW, there's no button in the ribbon for this command (and no ribbon command search entry)... it's only in a right-click... as far as i could find.  Seems a bit odd, but maybe a button is coming later?


  • Gene.SewellGene.Sewell Moderator Posts: 42 mod
    Hi - thanks for the heads-up.  I would say I agree with your comments.

    The command is complicated - particularly for CAD files - which was where the request did originate.  The populating of the VL coupled with downloading rather large files - and potentially order dependencies - all these risk factors when into our thinking when we restricted the command to single selection only.

    I ran this up the flagpole, and the answer came back clear and strong ... we would worry about the risk factors - and don't plan to open the command up at this point in time.

    With regard to buttons on the ribbon - there are a good number of commands that are only found on the right-click menu (context menu.)  Creating a button involves quite a bit of work.  We spent a decent amount of time getting artwork that we liked for each button, etc.  In time I expect we will add some commands to the ribbon - but there will always be some commands that are only available from a context menu click - sorry to say.
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