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Hello All,

1. How are you managing PDF files? Are you using PublishWave?

2. What file type do you consider your document of record: the PDF or the native file type (SolidWorks, Word, Excel)?

3. Which file type do you distribute internally and externally?

I have received an internal request to include the PDF and STEP files as part of the ECO package during the approval process.

* PDF and STEP files need to be auto-generated by Adept.

* PDF format is accessible and distributed internally and externally.

* Native files are accessible by the departments responsible to create/edit the documents( for example: Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality, Doc Control).

I am challenged by this request due to Software limitations:

      Adept cannot create STEP files.

     We check native files in checked library, which means that PDF is auto-created on final approve step.

(I did submit a feature request to split the PublishWave options to be: Check-In OR Final Approval :))


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    Comments to your questions...

    1) Upon Final Approve to the library where CAD Files are stored. PW generates a PDF of the .DWG file. That file is placed in its own PDF library.

    2) Good question...The official document of record is the .DWG file.  We provide PDF's only as a convenience.  Although I doubt I've done a good job explaining that to downstream consumers.  We don't always get a PDF created [an oops :) ] and we decided not to run our older drawings, all 50k of them, through PublishWave to back fill the system.

    3) Our buyers, sourcing managers and most external users consistently prefer PDF's. We will provide STEP for our die castings but those are generated by the individual engineer as needed.

    STEP: I too wish PW could generate STEP files of the 3D model.  I also wish it could generate 3D PDF's of the models and assemblies.

    ECO:  Why can't this process leverage the native geometry and the viewer? 

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    Brian, thank you for your comment, it is helpful.

    ECO:  Why can't this process leverage the native geometry and the viewer? 

            1. Approval is required for PDFs - I am thinking to change the PDF library from unchecked to checked. I might create just a short WF to track the PDF approval.

            2. STEP files - I would like to have them generated by request; but same as PDFs, the requirement is to be part of the ECO package during review and approval process...

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