Document of Record

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Hello All,

1. How are you managing PDF files? Are you using PublishWave?

2. What file type do you consider your document of record: the PDF or the native file type (SolidWorks, Word, Excel)?

3. Which file type do you distribute internally and externally?

I have received an internal request to include the PDF and STEP files as part of the ECO package during the approval process.

* PDF and STEP files need to be auto-generated by Adept.

* PDF format is accessible and distributed internally and externally.

* Native files are accessible by the departments responsible to create/edit the documents( for example: Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers, Quality, Doc Control).

I am challenged by this request due to Software limitations:

      Adept cannot create STEP files.

     We check native files in checked library, which means that PDF is auto-created on final approve step.

(I did submit a feature request to split the PublishWave options to be: Check-In OR Final Approval :))

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