View Multiple Files from the Web Client

PaHeubachPaHeubach Member Posts: 2

It would be great if users would be able to view multiples simultaneously through the web client.


  • BCranstonBCranston Moderator Posts: 37 mod

    ...and the viewer was more up to date, especially with respect to Autodesk products.

  • Andrew.HallasAndrew.Hallas Member Posts: 8

    Yeah I would like to see this too. It would make the viewer behave more like the destop viewer.

  • rnettlesrnettles Moderator Posts: 11 mod

    Viewing multiple files from the Adept Explorer client is one of our users' most requested features.

  • KarynDKarynD Member Posts: 7

    You can add me to that list!

  • Cwood3Cwood3 Moderator Posts: 23 mod
    We also would like to have the ability to view multiple documents.  Can we also get batch printing with that?
  • AELDiscussionsAELDiscussions Member Posts: 8

    Oh yes.

    If you could view multiply files/drawings and handle autocad files much better in terms of printing, able to change layers properties (read only of course - not saved once exited) I would be on the road to turning off the viewer(s) our users need to use to perform such tasks.

    And make my support life much easier.

    Simon Black
    Alpine Energy
    New Zealand
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