How to publish a file that is currently open

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Does anyone know if it is possible to have publishwave publish a pdf that is currently open by another user.

So for example we publish PDF files to a server location, but if someone has happened to have that file open (even as read-only) or they have left it open publishwave can not update that file

Simon Black
Alpine Energy
New Zealand


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    Hello Simon. Currently the answer is no. When PW tries to save the PDF and the PDF already exists in the output folder and is "in use", PW will record a failure in the server window. You could setup PW to email you when there is a failure. Then you would be aware of this situation. I tried using PW's Data Bridge as an alternative hoping it might hep, but it did not as it also could not overwrite an open file. - Joe Gasper
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    Thanks Job.  I do get emails when PW fails, which is good.

    Just hoping for a solution when our users don't close the file.


    Simon Black
    Alpine Energy
    New Zealand
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