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Currently the related field dropdown is buggy. The frame cant be resized to view all of the data that is available. I believe a ticket has been submitted. Either way, it would be nice if there was a check box in the plug-in's options to disable the dropdown all together. Related information still populates when you type your selection in and tab out of the field. I have had to adjust my datacards to make room for the dropdown arrow when we wont be using it anyway.

Here is what the current dropdown looks like... Hovering over it shows the data is in there, you just cant pull the window over to make it useful.


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    We have recently enabled the Related fields PlugIn, but we started small (only 1 autofill option). We are planning to add more to that list. So far the user feedback is - We want to see only the list of Commodity (just like it will show up in a restricted list).

    I am a bit concerned that you can type anything in the Top-Level field, there will be no autofill in the related field, but still this is prone to human error. I expected that the Top-Level list is restricted.

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    Thank you for your feedback @xmicahx  and your added comments @atoloeva and @jtome . This discussion is relevant to us as well right now, I'll explain why.

    @xmicahx the defect you reported was added as a ticket and it was fixed in Adept 2018.1 and is available as a field fix from Helpdesk if it is an impediment. Not all customers are experiencing the issue in the way the screen shot shows. The fix will be mainstreamed in the next release.

    I'd like to share a short Related Fields story and some history. We "mainstreamed" the Related Fields capability some years ago after having developed it in several variants and iterations as a custom applications. The process of how and why custom applications become mainstream features can be a story for another thread...

    As customers began adopting Related Fields, some reported the fact that users could type any value into a related field as a defect. Although this was the as designed behavior, a number of customers reported this, which caused us to change the behavior in Adept 2018. After releasing 2018, we heard from some customers that we had broken Related Fields! :sweat_smile:

    So, for the upcoming release of Adept (post 2018.1) we have added the option to either allow user input in a Related Field or not. Moving forward you'll  be able to choose the "old broken" behavior (pre-Adept 2018) or the "new broken" behavior (as it was "fixed" in 2018)! :smile: Please note that this option affects all defined related fields. Years ago Restricted Fields went through a similar evolution. It used to allow free form typing and now it does not; we never made that optional.

    Kidding aside, we're reminded that in some cases like this one, one customers "as designed behavior" is another customer's defect and vice-versa. Sometimes both ways are required. And although we occasionally tell ourselves the story that more options make configuration more complex, sometimes that's exactly what's needed.

    I hope this is helpful and as always, thanks for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and requests here.


    PS: I noted the other potential option in the thread - the ability to allow users to type free form text on a related field by field basis. This is not a part of the option being added post Adept 2018.1 and is not currently on the Roadmap, although we're glad to add it to the wishlist. Also, a defined Restricted Fields list with the optional ability for users to add values is already in our wishlist inventory.
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    Hi Todd.

    Is there any work being done or planed for a future Adept release to make Related Fields work with the Required Fields plugin?

    I have been testing the Related Fields plugin on my test system with the proposal to change several of our restricted list fields to related reduce the number of items in a given list and improve user import and reduce errors. Two of our restricted list fields are for Product Category and Product. As our product list is quite long I find that some of our users specify the wrong Product for a given Product Category. Hence my desire to use the Related Fields plugin to only list the products that relate to a given Product Category.

    Our Product Category and Product fields are also used in the Required Fields plugin to ensure that these fields are always filled in when documents are signed in. We also have a File guide that shows the Product Category followed by the Products.


    Andrew Hallas, Design Engineer / CAD Administrator, Bucher Municipal Pty Ltd, Clayton North, Australia
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    Hi Andrew,

    The short answer is yes, in fact we have been discussing it again recently as we've slated support for Required Fields in the upcoming 2018.2 release. There are some complexities around the two working more closely together and we haven't yet assigned that functionality to a release. We do recognize that added intelligence between the two capabilities would be beneficial.

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